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      Household Service Delivery Statistics

      Quick Fact

      41,5% of households in Limpopo used solid fuels for cooking, compared to 10,9% nationally.

      The dawn of democracy in 1994 created a new dispensation in which access to basic services such as housing, water and sanitation was recognized as a fundamental human right. South Africa inherited high levels of poverty and it continues to be confronted with unequal and often inadequate access to resources, infrastructure and social services. The Bill of Rights enshrined the right to basic services and commanded that the state must take reasonable measures to achieve the progressive realisation of these rights.

      Faced by inadequate information about the state of development in South Africa, Statistics South Africa (then called the Central Statistical Service) launched the October Household Survey (OHS) programme in 1993. The survey was discontinued in 1999 and subsequently replaced by the General Household Survey (GHS) which was instituted in 2002 in order to determine the level of development in the country and the performance of programs and projects on a regular basis. The GHS continues to evolve and key questions are continuously added and/or modified in consultation with key stakeholders to maintain the relevance and quality of data. In addition to measuring access to key services, the level of satisfaction with, as well as perceived quality of selected services provided by Government are also measured.

      WC - Western Cape

      EC - Eastern Cape

      NC - Northern Cape

      FS - Free State

      KZN - Kwa-Zulu Natal

      NW - North West

      GP - Gauteng

      MP - Mpumalanga

      LP - Limpopo

      GHS: General Household Survey

      OHS: October Household Survey

      PSU: Primary Sampling Area

      Household access to services stabilised

      Household access to services stabilised

      The General Household Survey (GHS) 2018 released by Statistics South Africa (Stats SA) found that substantial progress has been made in service delivery over the years. While progress has been uneven across the country, a quick glance at service delivery statistics suggests that household access to these services have stabilised over the last few years.   read more »